What sets us apart
Expertise without ego

At Proxima, we believe everyone deserves to leave a meaningful legacy. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to deliver legacy planning content that is simple, accessible and fun.

It's all about you

If legacy planning mystifies you, you’re not alone. Most people don’t understand what it is, who it applies to and how it works. That’s probably why 60% of American adults don’t have a basic plan in place. We want to help change that, which is why we aim to overcome misconceptions, clarify risks, and outline practical considerations.

Engaging and Educate
Engage and educate

Legacy planning can seem dreary and confusing, which is why we keep it simple, light and engaging. We deliver plain English explanations, memorable visualizations and practical tools to help you define your goals, understand your responsibilities and evaluate your options. This way, you feel more confident when creating your own plan or managing the plan of a loved one.

Empowering everyday folks

Learning about legacy planning doesn’t have to be tedious anymore. Toss the dry, 300-page books out the window and take back your time by joining our community and accessing your digital toolkit.

Empowering everyday folks